Two New Tracks from Band Ja Naimon! Subgroups

Two thirds of Band Ja Naimon! have recently treated us to two new tracks accompanied by MVs.

Momoko and Gumi, with the natural affinity that can only arise when being paired with similar colours, have formed the imaginatively named Blue Twins.

Cinderella Blues, the duo’s first offering, is a delightfully anachronistic sounding track, reminiscent of the synth heavy (old) Tommy February 6. The audio is complemented by the visuals, with as much soft focus and chromatic aberration as premier pro filters can muster, along with the occasional scan line for good measure. Our two idols sport some vintage(?) clothes, and in keeping with the theme, abandon their jarringly modern phones in favor of sparklers and fake tails.

Altogether, Cinderella Blues is a very pleasant track, with a strong character, helping to set it apart from the generic idol offerings. Even the somewhat clumsy rap(?) section preceding the bridge does little to hold it back.

Our next group, Chou Chou Cream, is composed of Banmon! members Miyu and Ringo. One would presume that the intention is for us to translate this as Sweetheart (Chouchou) Cream, rather than Cabbage Cabbage (Chou Chou) Cream.

At the risk of spoiling any suspense, Icecream Ni Narutaino♡ is the inferior of the two tracks. It is, in all honestly, a fairly bland and saccharine song. We will hear at length about ice cream and other sweet treats, with the MV adding little more than pleated skirts.

Unfortunately, this track has many similarities to that baser form of idol media, vapid with an undertone of cynicism. It is disappointing to see this from an offshoot of one of the genuinely more interesting offerings from the world of idol culture.

Do these releases suggest that we can expect an upcoming track from the remaining members of Banmon!? One would hope so, especially given Misako and Yuzu are the most musically proficient. A revival of twin drumming idols? One can dream…