Niji No Conquistador Discover Homosexuality

This week, the decuplet of girls of Niji no Conquistador have discovered homosexuality, and they plan to exploit this knowledge, to sell CDs. The new track, Paradoxical Complex, is nothing out of the ordinary for nijicon. It is high tempo, light, somewhat catchy but ultimately indistinguishable for the rest of their output.

In truth, I find it difficult to reconcile my feelings about this MV, and this group as a whole. The music is so trite that one could quite easily assume the groups entire existence a parody. On the other hand, the ecchi nonsense is presented here with apparent sincerity. Is it possible to acquiesce to the carnal needs of fans without also patronising them?

Perhaps the groups true impression of their audience is revealed when we see one member pumping her fists to gravure pictures of Nagi Nemoto (Whose solo work with Mikeneko Homeless is worth listening to). I would hazard a guess that this action is less romantic in reality to that portrayed in the video.

Curiously the group has now dropped their long-standing English (Engrish) description

What’s Niji no Conquistador (Nijicon)?

Idols usually have a theme of cultural festivals, but this exciting idol unit also mixes in creators!
There are currently 10 members and they have participated in creations relating to voice acting,illustrating,cosplaying,and choreographing.

The above sentiment instead appears in Japanese, and presumably is intelligible to one who knows the language.