New T-Palette Signing WHY@DOLL

Our first question is, how does one pronounce “WHY@DOLL”. Conventional wisdom would suggest “why – at – doll”, however both Japanese Wikipedia and my ssh client disagree:
ssh why@doll
ssh: Could not resolve hostname doll: Name or service not known
So in conclusion, in idol @, similarly to ☆ is silent and only ever present purely for aesthetic reasons.

Seeing something on T-Palette other than Negicco is great, as they seem to have recently lost a lot of their historically strong line up. Not that I dislike Negicco themselves, only their dead eyed middle aged fan base, but I am certain beyond a doubt that T-Palette used to manage at least two other groups.

The track at hand, Violet Iolite, is pleasant if a little unremarkable. Amongst the seemingly obligatory synthetic horns, the percussion and strings are somewhat reminiscent of disco. As something of a shock, the vocals are surprisingly competent, and neither girl seems to be attempting a (poor) impression of infantile voice.

Accompanying the song is a rather excellent MV featuring cook along instructions to make your very own WHY@DOLL cake. This is certainly leagues above recent confectionery themed efforts.

Overall, this track, whilst perhaps suffering a little for being somewhat generic, is fun and approachable. In a similar vein to Negicco, it is neither patronising nor leering, which in the world of idol, is a compliment.