Negicco, 愛、かましたいの

This week we are treated to a new Negicco Track 愛、かましたいの (Ai, kama shitai no). Google informs me that this may translate to “I want to love you”, or something similar, one potential alternative being “Love, I want to bite”.

The song has a distinctly sixties feel, invoking electric organs, fuzz guitar and wall of sound segments. The distinct and varied codas leave us with something like a tribute to the period, complemented in kind by a MV full of appropriately anachronistic settings and costume. The vintage collage is completed with a Negicco Kung-fu film, juxtaposing shouts of 愛 (Ai) with the girls’ Kiai.

If not for the fans, introduced in the final act (who shake their luminescent leaks with all the apparent enthusiasm of North Koreans applauding), we may mistake Negicco for a legitimate vocal group. Which is rather an unfair chastisement, as it betrays their genuine  talent. Here is a group with the voices, personalities and musical backing to merit attention without having to pander. Furthermore, they easily pass the ‘at least one female fan’ test.

As with most of Negicco’s output, you need feel no shame in enjoying this song. The group manages to radiate a good humoured charm, full of unrelenting optimism. One could easily believe that they want for no more than to spread their particular brand of joy for the benefit of those inclined to watch and listen. I for one do not doubt their sincerity.

Any attentive reader has surely by now established, I like Negicco. Their recent music has been of exceptional quality compared to that of their peers, and all without the cynicism which I feel taints lesser idol groups. I wish Negicco every success, which they surely deserve. Never give up girls.