An immaculately timed early Christmas present from Band Ja Naimon!, and tribute to everyone’s favourite pounded rice treat, Yakimochi. This track retains the high energy, upbeat tone that we are used to from Banmons previous offerings. However, in contrast to the recent output of rock and electronic music, Yakimochi proudly bares a funk influence, being composed by Sakerock member Kenta Hamano.

This is not only mochi song in recent memory, I am reminded of the rather excellent Mochi Girl from Japan’s premier hive of infidelity Gesu No Kiwami Otome. Being a disgusting cheese consuming foreigner, I’m not quite sure what the qualities it is that the mochi possesses to be so greatly endeared in song, nor do I understand its metaphorical significance (if any). Someone much more cynical than myself, might even suggest that Yakimochi is just an opportunity to tool to shoehorn kimochi into the lyrics in a natural way, such is the wont of idol music.

We have become used to Banmon! representing the better end of the spectrum of idol acts. One misstep notwithstanding there recent output has been far above what idol deems acceptable. Yakimochi takes this one step further however by including more natural sounding instruments and less focus on synthesises, presenting the possibility for the group to perform with live accompaniment. If Banmon! continues on this path, it could go some way to filling the void left by Especia.